Essence Buddha's Teachings
a short explicit explanation of Buddha's discourses based on the Pali Canon recognized by Buddhist scholars as the oldest record of what the Buddha actually taught

Absolute changeless permanent reality, the unconditioned, itself alone is,
all else has always been, is, and always will be just a state of make-believe fiction,
a state of delusion worn like a costume with multiple fabricated viewpoints,
with each self-sustaining itself in a self-perpetuated state of self-ignorance,
until each decides to come to closure through self-enlightenment and self-awakening 

things are created,
they are inherently subject to decay,
and then finally, they are dissolved again

(now... say to yourself the following)

all that is created is impermanent, subject to alteration and change,
and being such, all  impermanent things are inherently a state of ill-being.
this being so, 
it is not fitting to say that which is ill that am I, that is mine, that is my self.

do I understand?
every iota of everything is just make-believe fiction
and none of it exists in truth
and when this is seen as the way things truly are
then that is the end of all anguish and the end of the continuation of what never existed in truth to begin with

( if not fully grasped, study Fundamental Buddhism Explained Summary for more detail )

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